Ground Rules

These are the the Ground Rules for families attending the Magic Years Nursery School.

SEPARATION:  All mothers (or another adult close to the child) of children new to the school will be expected to stay at the school until their children are comfortable.  This is very important for success at the school.  Let your child know this and let the teacher determine when it is time for you to leave.  This may b be a relatively quick process for some of you and a more gradual one for others.  Be prepared to stay, and no siblings along, please.  If you have any questions about this, ask the director.  Check with your child’s teacher before starting him in a car pool.

DELIVERY AND PICK UP:  Make a policy of being on time—especially for the sake of your child, and also for the sake of the staff.  It is difficult for a child to enter a group already formed; it is an anxious time for him/her if all the children have been picked up and his mother is not yet there.

LUNCHES:  All children bring their lunch.  Keep lunches small and nutritious; no junk food or candy, please.

ALLERGIES:  Due to children with severe allergies in the school, please do not send any lunch items with nuts, peanuts, or nut and peanut products.

TUITION;  Tuition Is due on the 1st of the month.  Prompt payment is expected and necessary for the operation of the school.  Vacation time at winter holiday and spring holiday is charged for, as enrollment is by the semester even though tuition is payable by the month.  The monthly tuition is the same each month even if there is a holiday since tuition is calculated on a yearly basis.  We do not allow for a tuition break either for an illness or for a family trip. We do not pro-rate tuition. Please give as much notice as possible if you plan to withdraw your child so that a replacement can be found.

SPARE CLOTHING: Please keep a set of marked spare clothes in your child’s locker at all times.  Change it as the season changes so that the clothing will be appropriate.  Be sure to mark all sweaters and jackets.

ILLNESS:  If in doubt about your child’s health, resolve the doubt by keeping him/her home (and save us a call asking you to come and pick him/her up).  It is not fair to the child or the group to send a sick child to school.  Notify the school whenever there is a contagious disease so that we may notify the other parents.  We will not administer any medication at school.

ENROLLMENT FORMS;  All enrollment forms must be on file at the school when your child is in attendance.  These include: this ground rule tear-off signed by you, emergency information, two emergency permission cards, health history, family and you, child abuse prevention tear-off.  Your child must be up-to-date on his DPT, polio, measles, German measles shots, and T.B. skin test.  Be sure to include allergies.  List several phone numbers on emergency sheet so that we will always be able to reach someone about your child.

If you have questions, come to the staff with them.  We are here to serve you and your child.


I have read this form and understand the policies of the school.
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