PreK Program

Summer Pre-Kindergarten Program

The summer program at Magic Years Nursery School was created and developed by Dr. Warren Campbell and Mrs. Mary Campbell. Dr. Campbell is currently the director of the Summer preK program at Magic Years. Dr. Campbell and Mrs. Campbell attended Standford University and they both were a Fulbright Scholars at the London School of Economics. With over 50years of experience teaching, they have developed the summer program so children at Magic Years can achieve their fullest potential.
Dr. Campbell earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, and went on to earn his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University. In the 1970s Dr. Campbell helped establish CSUN’s Urban Studies and Planning Program and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. He currently teaches in the MPA program at CSUN. But during the summers he continues teaching, leading and helping the children at Magic Years Nursery School in the project room.Many of you know of the success of this program in past years. In fact, we have alumni from decades ago who have life-long memories of the special Pre-K activities and woodworking projects. The Magic Years Pre-K program is project-oriented developed by Dr. Campbell.

Each child completes several woodworking projects, including a scooter, a secret box, and a tool box. The Pre-K children also do individual cooking projects, make their own picnic lunches on Fridays, and enjoy “swimming” on Wednesdays. A hands-on approach in the classroom skillfully integrates academic learning in science, math, pre-literacy, and vocabulary building. The Pre-K program is a wonderful wind-up to Magic Years and a springboard into kindergarten.