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I have the most wonderful memories  !

My sister and I are alumnae of Magic Years. My son and I currently live in West Hollywood but are thinking about moving back to the valley so my son can go to Magic Years. I have the most wonderful memories of the school, and I want the same for my son.

Also, my friend’s two daughters went there and when I would look at pictures of them at school, it brought back such great memories. The terra cotta floor, the baking, the scooters and tool boxes. It’s amazing that you still do all these wonderful things with and for the kids!

I’m planning on moving back to the valley over the next six months and would love to apply for next Fall for my son, Matthew.

I had to hold back my tears !

Honestly I don’t know where to start when it comes to sharing our experience at Magic Years. It’s been more than amazing! I’ve never seen teachers care this much about the kids they teach. My daughter would wake up on the weekends asking if she had school today and when I would say no she would get disappointed. During my daughter’s graduation I had to hold back my tears not just because of how proud I am of my daughter but because I know we are going to miss this school!

Kindergarten Advice !

.. We just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with choosing the next stop on Kai’s educational journey!  Your guidance and support throughout the process were truly invaluable . Picking Kai’s next school has been our most challenging decision yet as parent. Thanks to your amazing counsel, we are hopeful we have chosen another perfect school for him to flourish and grow!

Magic moments every day!

This has been the best school ever for my son who cried for two months at his previous school. The easy transition, loving and caring staff, and welcoming environment brought the second home to my son. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you Magic Years for creating these magic moments every single day 🙂

Magic Years is a wonderful school!
 The teachers truly care for every child and are nurturing, loving, caring, and patient. They give individual attention to each child, and help to build self-confidence. My son is so lucky to play with delicious- smelling, home-made play dough, dramatic-play toys, sing songs, listen to stories, and visit with Sunny and Cloudy the bunny! He also loves playing in the beautiful “big backyard” on the climbing equipment of various levels, in the sand box, and scooting around with his friends. Recently, I’ve participated in their toddler program and my younger son loved making crafts projects: painting with trucks’ wheels, gluing on a collage, painting with water color. He can’t wait to start preschool himself! I feel very lucky to have been able to attend Magic Years when I was a little girl, and am delighted to watch my sons enjoy themselves at Magic Years too!


I Love Magic Years Preschool
Our daughter just graduated from their Pre-K Program and 2 years of preschool. I feel so blessed she attended this magical school. The teachers really love our children. They pay attention to each and every child fostering individual growth and development amongst a team environment. My daughter left feeling empowered and loved. Sad to leave though confident in her abilities as she begins Kindergarden this month. My nephews also attended Magic Years and they have excelled in grade school they all make scooters in the Pre-k program and to this day still have their scooters! I highly recommend this school.


My husband and I highly and enthusiastically recommend Magic Years!!
Our daughter went to Magic Years for three years. We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience. The teachers are fantastic–loving, caring, highly competent. There is very little turnover in staff, so your child gets to know all the teachers well. There is a great family-like atmosphere to the school. The curriculum is developmentally-based. You won’t find the teachers drilling the kids with flash cards like some other preschools in the area. The kids play, sing songs, read stories, bake, and do all kinds of fun activities. The director schedules many special events, such as a yearly “Snow Day,” visits from children’s singers and magicians, international potluck days, and a semi-annual “Family Get Together”. The backyard play area is fabulous–shady, expansive, and filled with a wide range of equipment. We made many great friendships with other parents, whom I might add, come from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds–this is hardly an “elite” school. Oh, if only we could be assured that the rest of our daughter’s educational experiences are going to be on par with her experiences at Magic Years!


We LOVE Magic Years!
My two daughters just finished up their time at Magic Years. And we are so sad. This school has been the best decision we have made thus far in our raising our girls. There are so many right-on things about the program. Their philosophy of gradual separation gave my girls a solid trust in transitions. The teachers helped mold them into socially responsible and confident young girls. Magic Years kids stand out in a crowd — with their kindness, their self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. This is the best school during these early years when they are learning who they are personally as individuals and who they are amongst others in their communities. They incorporate wood working, baking, pretend play/dress up, science experiments, hands-on marine labs BIG SING and dance in their developmental program. I can’t recommend this school enough! THE ABSOLUTE BEST! We are so thankful for our time and the teachers at Magic Years.

My 3 children attended Magic Years about 34 years ago
They still have their colorful capes from graduation. We have nothing but wonderful memories of their time there. Every child should have this wonderful experience. Fantastic! Owner, staff and facility are the Best Ever!


Both of my children attended Magic Years
The school was so wonderful and nurturing. The children were welcomed and gently socialized and spent half of the school time in the large shady yard where they had the freedom to play on wonderful equipment, ride tricycles and cars, linger in a beautiful playhouse and a giant sand box full of sand toys. Inside, they do beautiful crafts, baking, dress-up , singing, stories and celebrations of every holiday and birthday. They learn in a fun and joyful setting and are prepared to enter kindergarten and do well. They learn to be respectful and competent. This is the best gift you can give your child. Don’t miss touring here It is 2012, and my granddaughter attends this STILL wonderful school as her father did before her. The same wonderful family still owns the school and their daughter is now the director. It was a joy to return to find that the character and the program still exists. –

 The most amazing preschool ever

The owners are the most caring and diligent child educators I’ve ever seen. Sending your child here is like sending them to grandma’s house–they will be very well cared for. We love it.

I graduated Magic Years in 1990, and I remember so many fun things from preschool!! Do you guys still make cranberry relish around thanksgiving? It’s funny that I remember so much about Magic Years, but in college I couldn’t remember the last week’s lecture! P.S. I still have my scooter that I made!!”
– Nicole S.

Our daughter has been at Magic Years for two years now, and it has been a perfect preschool experience. The teachers are incredibly attentive, personable, nurturing and caring. Their experience through two generations of running the school (to say nothing of their impressive credentials) has made them experts; they know kids. The parent community is strong without being overbearing. Most importantly, kids learn how to communicate and how to socialize. The building is homey and the yard is a great place to play. All that…and the price is reasonable. Run don’t walk.
– Former Parent

The Magic Years teachers are well-educated, experienced, knowledgeable, caring and sensitive. They take wonderful care of the children. Magic Years has an exciting, developmentally appropriate program which helps students to grow socially, cognitively and academically. Students learn in a natural way as they explore the interesting centers that change daily, listen to stories, sing songs, garden, bake with their teachers, or play in the beautiful playground. It is the best preschool ever! Mary Campbell, the owner of Magic Years, has a clear and flawless vision of a perfect preschool program. I feel very fortunate that my daughter had the opportunity to attend such an amazing and one-of-a-kind preschool.”
– Jennifer K.

We are so fortunate to have found Magic Years! Our daughter has attended since she was 2 1/2 years old (now almost 5) and our 3-year-old son began this September. Both of my children LOVE SCHOOL. They are loved and nurtured as if they were part of a family. Magic Years is truly magical and there is no better way to spend the nursery school years than at this treasured spot! Get on the wait list early!”
– Current Parent

The teachers are wonderful and our child loves going and loves all the friends she has made. And she really LOVES Snow Day!!
– Former Parent

“Both of my children have attended Magic Years and I must say that this school is terrific. This school definitely prepares children for kindergarten. My children loved the huge backyard, singing, baking, painting and stories that are read to them. It truly is amazing when my kids come home singing songs they just learned or bringing home baked items that they helped make. My kids get truly excited and look forward everyday getting to Magic Years, and, yes, they even ask on weekends if they are going to Magic Years. The teachers are absolutely fabulous! The school is a true gift to children and I would recommend the school to everyone.”
– Mother of two

Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers for making Ivy’s time at Magic Years so special. As you know she has grown so much since her beginning days with you all. Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Ouimet, and to all her teachers…THANK YOU for giving Ivy the confidence she will need to succeed in life. We will never forget all that you have done for our daughter!”
– Leslie M. S.

The individual attention given to each child and there needs is unmatched. It is also one of the few preschools with a no-nut policy, which is a blessing to parents with allergic children. Sign up early or take any spot given. Run to this school!”
– A parent of two Magic Years kids

The Pre-K program is really something special and we are ever grateful that you encouraged us to let our daughter participate. What a wonderful way to end her magical experience with you all! Today’s graduation was one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever witnessed, and we were honored to be a part of it. We will truly miss everything that The Magic Years Nursery School has come to mean to us. Much Love,”
– Ginny H.

“Magic Years has brought so much to our family, words just can’t say! Jessie’s graduation was so special, brought tears to my eyes and yet had such pride. Thank you, Magic Years, for everything!!”

– Lori S. M.

I love Magic Years! My second child just graduated from the Pre-K program and I have another child entering Magic Years in September. The directors are also teachers. All the teachers are patient, kind and experienced in teaching. The gradual separation of parent and child helps tremendously in transitioning the child to school. The program and teachers teach the children life skills that they will actually use in their adult lives. The children learn social skills, how to bake, prepare meals and build a tool box and scooter just to name a few examples. I wish the directors at The Magic Years would consider expanding their school to go up to 12th grade.”
– Former Parent

Magic Years offers a really great Toddler program!

We spent our Saturday mornings meeting other kids my daughters age and their parents. The morning started with independent play and “art projects” which my daughter LOVED! All the art projects are now proudly displayed on her bedroom door and she shows them off to anyone that enters our house!

Next came song, dance and book time with the group – this was a fun time for interacting with the other kids and parents – my daughter couldn’t help but dance to the fun songs they sang and played.

To finish the morning we would head out to the Big Back Yard! She had a blast out there with the swings, balls, climbing and bouncing structures and seeing Sunny and Cloudy (the bunnies), who always put a smile on her face.

Magic Years is a cozy, warm and loving place and we feel fortunate to have found it. We can’t wait to start preschool here.

Janey Strouse

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