Why should you consider Magic Years Nursery School?

Founder and Co-Director of Magic Years Nursery School, Mary Campbell answers some of the questions that usually parents have when looking for a nursery school.  For more reasons, after you watch these videos you should read some of the Parent’s Testimonials.

Why Magic Years Nursery School ?

Gradual Separation

Gradual Separation is one of the key elements that separates Magic Years Nursery School from the rest.

Parent Conferencing

Parent Conferencing are private sessions that teachers have with the parents to help them brainstorm about any concerns regarding their child at home or at school.

ALWAYS Evolving

We’re constantly working on making the school a better place for your child.

The Magic Years Backyard!

Learn about the piece of play equipment that was brought all the way from Switzerland-It’s the only one in the entire United States!

Why There’s No All Day Program

There are very good reasons as to why there is no all day program. As always at Magic Years, it winds down to what’s best for the child.

Why did you resist expanding?

It’s simple: the Magic Years Nursery School searches from sea to shining sea for the best of the best. It has only the top notch equipment, teachers, and campus. Opening another school would jeopardize losing this state of the art prestige. No other school could possibly do the original justice.

Is Every Child Different?

-Is Every Child Different?

Baby chicks singing at Magic Years
In addition children at Magic Years are exposed to the Spanish language. Spanish is taught through music, movement, and games at Magic Years.